Come Hear My Unspoken

Come hear me, as I stride down an empty street.

Booted feet, stretch out, one at a time!

Knuckles pressed on the other hand’s palm.

Cold days were here, so was loneliness of a lone traveler.

Alphas lead from the back, solitarily, No pack here sadly.

Excluding the park of course, meters away, drenched in the night light.

Like a ball of willow, the darkness grasps, evidently shuddering allover.

Receding images of an empty dark home, the way I left it.

When everything went, I fell in love with loving to love alone.

Screaming, in a world full of screams isn’t worth the effort.

Blowing warmth in-between my cold succumbing hands,

Fully having perception of freshly cut wounds, a day’s old!

Pitting the softness of my wrists’ skin, no one deserves this.

Not the pain, the visible scars that can’t be seen.

The wounds of battles I’ll soon forget, to forget.

Constant reminders, that darkness is a misunderstood beauty.

Right minds can perceive; it’s the left minds that connect with it.

Holding onto sanity at a reasonable distance in between the minds, now that’s skill!

Skills inapplicable to a brightened society, darkened.

But life, it’s yours because you can handle it your way,

No one ever said how your way should be!

Do I have to spell it out for you to hear me?

Or scream before life moves so fast, I miss the moment.

Moments unfrequented, by the majority,

Chilly breeze engulfs the thick foggy air around, ready to swallow.

Bravely, as the boots make their way towards an unfamiliar bulky and grave gate.

Farraginous rustiness dented the blue musky gate.

I should have brought the stainless steel knife, sitting at edge of the bathroom sink.

You think to yourself.

Where it all happens, every morning, each night, dripping with emotions,

Bloody floors, trickling through the drain pipes!

Yes, I should have, to drive it silently into a beating heart that went astray,

To lead others into tempt, Not for self-defense!

He wouldn’t feel the piercing intensity, as it cut through flesh; I never do down my wrists.

Answers I’ll find, that I sought out for tonight.

It meant walking the distance, commitment to a cause.

Men do it for the smallest reasons, I have a big one.

For you to hear my every word unspoken, to feel my every feeling unfelt,

For you to only see me.

Relativity of the term hears me, through the distance width of my mind.

Steps, of booted heavier feet, enclosing

Shadows formed, enlarging as the musky gate slowly opens,

Heaviness of the pat on the back is unmistakable; heart races miles an hour,

Stiffened by the pat, your body freezes cold, jumping briskly to coax my eyes to the persona,

But men…just pause!

It’s your own self! Looking back in a mirror!

“Don’t lose yourself!” were his words.



Little Life Stories

Those little life stories, which developed because of Sunday brunches.

Being thrown left to right, you should have known, better.

Typical Sunday afternoon for everyday people, not you seated at the center of it all.

Traffic, a norm for such days, cars rushing out of churches to get a spot at the mall!

Not you, who unhurriedly made your way to the one place to clear your mind.

A chilled out family had your spot, quite the view, as you stare in daze.

Life doesn’t give you options, when it comes to lemons, in this case it handed you a mid-restaurant table.

To feed your eyes! To enrich your ears!

Struggling to remember a time of childhood, when happiness and laughter went hand in hand.

Contemplating on why it didn’t occur, the humbling fact of always being on the move.

One town to the next, loving the idea of travel, hating the very subtle reminder of changing houses.

A home was a far-fetched ideology to you,

Until that far, words of home is where the heart is, was just but a concept.

In spice due to never your heart never having a place among the houses!

A stranger,

An orphan,

The adopted child,

Only but a few pet names you grew accustomed to.

Ordinarily, they grew accustomed to you,

Pushing out a deep sense of saddened smile each time you were called out.

Fairness was lurking somewhere, behind closed windows, doors,

Underneath a heap of ragged partially-torn pairs of stained, white sheets,

If only it was but a faint image of the home, white was to represent peace and purity.

As you grew older you became familiarized with what white actually meant.

A symbolic mixture of a color without an origin, mixture of all the others!

A mixture of preparing breakfast, washing dirt-sated clothes, mending them in the process,

All for just a roof over your head, for the days you got lucky, a well reasonable price to pay!

Temporarily taking a break from your distorted thoughts, to give the usual order,

Stealing a small glance at the delighted family on the spot!

In fear of rejection, being sympathized with, sending you to dejection, no one knew.

It was safe, to live a lie of that we had good and bad days memento of your childhood,

Relative definition of a good childhood made it less of a lie, there were good days.

Days you mistakenly found a piece of chocolate chip cookie on the floor, cleaning the house.

Days you were granted permission to sleep on a 2-inch 2by2 dog mat.

It was warm, comfortable and a blessing, if combined with your white sheets.

Not to forget that too was a privilege to be given every now and then.

Suppose they did it for the church and community, perhaps to be looked upon.

There were bad days nonetheless, days you ran out silently screaming, in tears,

There were days you laid on the cold bathtub, to keep it warm they said, for their morning baths.

There were days when wounds became scars, only to be refreshed in the morning for having a sip,

A sip of warm tea to fill your stomach for the reminder of the day,

Due to the amazing reason that not everyone was out of the house yet!

Amazing, there were those as well, amazing days that you took moments,

To read leftover newspapers when their children, a boy and two girls, went to school,

To teach yourself on the importance of seeing the world through them!

They taught you well, to fend and grow stronger!

To be efficient in solitary confinement, effective in dejected state of affairs,

Silence is broken in your thoughts as a child cries a reminder no doubt.

Of the unheard cries you let out late into the night, speaking to a universe that never spoke back.

Yours eyes shift glaze to the entrance, the universe did take its time to talk back,

Peaceful walking towards your new found spot; these were the amazing days still,

She was the one, who offered her undying assistance!

To get you out and into a program, for the unfortunate, where you fortunately made something!

Her warm renaissance smile was accompanied with a brushed kiss on the cheek.

Signaling her to have a seat on the wooden well-designed and polished chair,

But men just pause!

Amidst the breaks of your thoughts, you didn’t actually believe that this was their youngest daughter!

So today it’s about your little life stories, the ones you are beginning to share!



Steady Tie


Gently through the highway, need a lift?

Ease of wants jumbled up together with essence of familiarization,

Wants and needs don’t go together, or so you thought.

A slam on the brakes, gently, on a road less traveled,

The linearity of pot holes, more than the stretch of tarmac.

Great day to unwind such a young day at heart, away from the needles and razors,

Flashes, remembering of younger days,

Where the dexterity of having fun, didn’t mix and match with quiet weekends.

Who knew?

A small grin on the face triggers a wave of consequential emotions.

Yet your muscles stretch, unaware of flooded images, to push fifth in place.

The simple recall of a fragrance so eminent in a moving room full of stills!

Life wasn’t as bad, it ain’t as good either!

Either way, the fundamental equilibrium between the two strikes out.

Bolder, Yes!

Wiser, Yes!

Stronger, Yes!

Broken, No…

Twisted, No…

Raging, No…

But men, what about that one opposite day of a 365 days year?

Notions of Yes, translate to No.

The very impact of a windscreen again a butterfly, man is to error as the wipers come on.

Thought process, funny how it is,

Just earlier, as the tie wound its way around your neck,

Oblivious of the helping hands, the pleasure was inviting, in a colossal way.

Reflection seemingly aware, cheers, on.

No entitlement whatsoever, not your thoughts or self being looking back at it,


Isn’t it, you, looking at you?

Pressure mounts, you feel it through your veins depicting clearly,

Of those aches gearing up, for unconsciousness.

Lumps of saliva struggle down a tight path,

Stealing precious air gliding to the already collapsing lungs!

A sharp toppling array of a burst sends shivers light,

Sudden screeching of tyres sends the car in a spinning frenzy.

Life seems far more of an importance now, hands firmly gripped on the steering!

Ambushed by dust filled air inside, reality checks of dust to dust,

Nearing the bunk of the road, ready for that stop…or roll, which will come first?

Men, just close your eyes and Pause!

What use was a tie, around a neck that needed to breathe, on a journey of a hundred miles?


Your Average

*walks into an office, writings on his mind*


To the average guy everybody loves to be around.

To the guys who go an extra mile just to paint a smile on your face, regardless.

To the down to earth types that face the world alone but still have enough time to dust off and shine up their amour,

Struggles make things right, eventually, if eventually ain’t too far off grid.

And this guy is right, Mr. Right in all levels from head to, ooh well, toe.

It doesn’t matter if he is broke, now, he’ll be wealthy later.

The patience to endure such a realm of reality in one’s endless mind, it’s not as easy.

It backs him to a corner, not to withdraw his offence, but to develop and mature his strategy to win a war-less war.

The kind that breathe darkness into danger,

Doesn’t it matter, his results slips filed in a vitae? Even when not his eyes fully focused on forward?

Not to the essential goals, but rather to the justifiable means that solely lie within his mentality.

Those domino’s effects of a bark bigger than the sequential bite, selling ideas of fallacies,

Fallacies that transcend into trusted truths, made norm to a society raged with limitations.

Yet his mind still transcends, venturing into depths, not yet perceived by mere set limitations.

A world used to display big words, never communicating, like sand boxes filled in display!

What’s its essence?

Often more than not, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

So at the end of the day, what is held dear to the heart is the journey of a start to the end of the day.

Mother Nature badly needs an antidote, perhaps, of an addicted elusive mind to pertain it from buying,

Buying into ideas that venturing outside limited sets, of paths of achievement, is but diabolical.

Price is of man, brilliance resides in character and willingness to mature in pauses.

After-all, maybe that’s the reason even weeks, have pauses of strengths,


*As he stretched out his arm to greet the final interviewer, his lips parted.*

Not to dish out gratitude for the opportunity, rather to explain why it was all but a critical mistake,

But wait men; just pause…there is a reason why ocean’s saltiness comes from tears of misunderstood sharks that just want to cuddle!

*his lips curved with a smirk in perfect sync with a simple nod.*

Men Just Pause

But For Now

‘Are you worried about me? But I’m fine’.

I might sit in a corner, but I’m fine.

Yesterday was my tomorrow, but is it today already?

I swore today not to be saddened, but I swear I didn’t see the sun rise!

Talk about being stuck in a dark room, on the sun’s surface!

I should have seen it, even when facing the corner!

Her majesty, beauty of a thousand white roses, the epic sun rise,

Who misses such? I wonder.

It’s not about the blaring heat of the sun; it’s the way it moves.

But scientists say otherwise.

Can’t wait turn my head to the window, focus on the streaming rays.

But I’m fine, just starring deep into the universe.

A universe merging two walls, geometric cracks blemish it.

Yet it’s aura of presences makes it a perfection, a corner of perfection.

Don’t worry about the darkness; it’s just a requisite of light.

Soon, before the Sun dawns, I’ll remember why am facing it,

Before i break my neck glaring through the window, into the sunburst,

But for now, let me sit, watching, and taking-in the breathe-taking scene.

Because deep down, I’m fine, as I crave for a slit in my skin,

Pain, makes everything fine…eventually.

That first ray hits the roughness of my skin, as I turn my head,

Ready to slit what is, before I remember what was,

It dawns on me, that baby I’m fine!

Without the consequential memoirs, without the past pain prejudice,

I’d rather perfection keep itself alive, breathing its seconds away,

As they wash away, with every tick, of every second hand,

Maybe two clocks fasten the time, imperialism of a world with so many times,

But one clock, a clock that starts after being born!

Disappointment of figuring out the math, of falling in love with a Sunburst,

From a Star, millions of miles away,

But for now, men, just pause!


Edged Tomorrow


Right at the edge,

Got nothing to lose anymore, it was to be a thrill *sigh

Living that fast life-foot on the gas pedal type of the edge?

Nothing but bare empty protruding rocks, all the way down.

Sounds of sea waves making love to the beach,

What beach? *sigh

Rough and smooth, that’s what the fuss is all about.

That imbalance between the two waves, Ying or Yang?

It’s all dependent now, on what rocks your edgy life.

“Take a leap and fly”, so simple they said.

Running on the edge, now that’s something.

With every step, your sole upset rocks and crumbles them.

Flying off the edge, into the not-endless abyss,

Yes, oblivion of blacked out fall meant to be exciting, you realize!

All that weight off your shoulders, on this near life realization.

Faster, lighter, more weight on the gas pedal.

You are not one full of hesitation, you tell yourself.

On the hopes you’ll sleep soundly tonight.

But what time is it? *sigh

Lost in a fun world, but where’s the fun at the end?

No. No. No.

Not fun, thrilling and exciting is what it is.

Like fumes engulfing the surrounding air, chocking, meant to kill you,

But “No”,

Those fumes give you a fresh breathe of air,

Way past your speed limit, you break off your cocoon.

Comfort zone can’t keep up, even with the fumes paralyzing a lung,

One wrong step and,

Your body so alive, from a thousand pulses of raging senses from deep within,

You will have to fall, to the ultimate end, sole to soul.

Suddenly, that stinging-shearing pain, cutting through your left eye,

What were you thinking?

In those reckoning split of seconds, you lose your balance,

Edged on the fall, your heart stops and you become weak,

Knowing very well what your fate is irrevocably bound to now.

Men, can you just pause. *sigh

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