Edged Tomorrow


Right at the edge,

Got nothing to lose anymore, it was to be a thrill *sigh

Living that fast life-foot on the gas pedal type of the edge?

Nothing but bare empty protruding rocks, all the way down.

Sounds of sea waves making love to the beach,

What beach? *sigh

Rough and smooth, that’s what the fuss is all about.

That imbalance between the two waves, Ying or Yang?

It’s all dependent now, on what rocks your edgy life.

“Take a leap and fly”, so simple they said.

Running on the edge, now that’s something.

With every step, your sole upset rocks and crumbles them.

Flying off the edge, into the not-endless abyss,

Yes, oblivion of blacked out fall meant to be exciting, you realize!

All that weight off your shoulders, on this near life realization.

Faster, lighter, more weight on the gas pedal.

You are not one full of hesitation, you tell yourself.

On the hopes you’ll sleep soundly tonight.

But what time is it? *sigh

Lost in a fun world, but where’s the fun at the end?

No. No. No.

Not fun, thrilling and exciting is what it is.

Like fumes engulfing the surrounding air, chocking, meant to kill you,

But “No”,

Those fumes give you a fresh breathe of air,

Way past your speed limit, you break off your cocoon.

Comfort zone can’t keep up, even with the fumes paralyzing a lung,

One wrong step and,

Your body so alive, from a thousand pulses of raging senses from deep within,

You will have to fall, to the ultimate end, sole to soul.

Suddenly, that stinging-shearing pain, cutting through your left eye,

What were you thinking?

In those reckoning split of seconds, you lose your balance,

Edged on the fall, your heart stops and you become weak,

Knowing very well what your fate is irrevocably bound to now.

Men, can you just pause. *sigh

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4 responses to “Edged Tomorrow

  1. just perfect… keep up the good work!


  2. Milton

    Good good piece…*sigh. sharing


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