Your Average

*walks into an office, writings on his mind*


To the average guy everybody loves to be around.

To the guys who go an extra mile just to paint a smile on your face, regardless.

To the down to earth types that face the world alone but still have enough time to dust off and shine up their amour,

Struggles make things right, eventually, if eventually ain’t too far off grid.

And this guy is right, Mr. Right in all levels from head to, ooh well, toe.

It doesn’t matter if he is broke, now, he’ll be wealthy later.

The patience to endure such a realm of reality in one’s endless mind, it’s not as easy.

It backs him to a corner, not to withdraw his offence, but to develop and mature his strategy to win a war-less war.

The kind that breathe darkness into danger,

Doesn’t it matter, his results slips filed in a vitae? Even when not his eyes fully focused on forward?

Not to the essential goals, but rather to the justifiable means that solely lie within his mentality.

Those domino’s effects of a bark bigger than the sequential bite, selling ideas of fallacies,

Fallacies that transcend into trusted truths, made norm to a society raged with limitations.

Yet his mind still transcends, venturing into depths, not yet perceived by mere set limitations.

A world used to display big words, never communicating, like sand boxes filled in display!

What’s its essence?

Often more than not, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

So at the end of the day, what is held dear to the heart is the journey of a start to the end of the day.

Mother Nature badly needs an antidote, perhaps, of an addicted elusive mind to pertain it from buying,

Buying into ideas that venturing outside limited sets, of paths of achievement, is but diabolical.

Price is of man, brilliance resides in character and willingness to mature in pauses.

After-all, maybe that’s the reason even weeks, have pauses of strengths,


*As he stretched out his arm to greet the final interviewer, his lips parted.*

Not to dish out gratitude for the opportunity, rather to explain why it was all but a critical mistake,

But wait men; just pause…there is a reason why ocean’s saltiness comes from tears of misunderstood sharks that just want to cuddle!

*his lips curved with a smirk in perfect sync with a simple nod.*

Men Just Pause


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2 responses to “Your Average

  1. Vivian

    It’s so true


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