Steady Tie


Gently through the highway, need a lift?

Ease of wants jumbled up together with essence of familiarization,

Wants and needs don’t go together, or so you thought.

A slam on the brakes, gently, on a road less traveled,

The linearity of pot holes, more than the stretch of tarmac.

Great day to unwind such a young day at heart, away from the needles and razors,

Flashes, remembering of younger days,

Where the dexterity of having fun, didn’t mix and match with quiet weekends.

Who knew?

A small grin on the face triggers a wave of consequential emotions.

Yet your muscles stretch, unaware of flooded images, to push fifth in place.

The simple recall of a fragrance so eminent in a moving room full of stills!

Life wasn’t as bad, it ain’t as good either!

Either way, the fundamental equilibrium between the two strikes out.

Bolder, Yes!

Wiser, Yes!

Stronger, Yes!

Broken, No…

Twisted, No…

Raging, No…

But men, what about that one opposite day of a 365 days year?

Notions of Yes, translate to No.

The very impact of a windscreen again a butterfly, man is to error as the wipers come on.

Thought process, funny how it is,

Just earlier, as the tie wound its way around your neck,

Oblivious of the helping hands, the pleasure was inviting, in a colossal way.

Reflection seemingly aware, cheers, on.

No entitlement whatsoever, not your thoughts or self being looking back at it,


Isn’t it, you, looking at you?

Pressure mounts, you feel it through your veins depicting clearly,

Of those aches gearing up, for unconsciousness.

Lumps of saliva struggle down a tight path,

Stealing precious air gliding to the already collapsing lungs!

A sharp toppling array of a burst sends shivers light,

Sudden screeching of tyres sends the car in a spinning frenzy.

Life seems far more of an importance now, hands firmly gripped on the steering!

Ambushed by dust filled air inside, reality checks of dust to dust,

Nearing the bunk of the road, ready for that stop…or roll, which will come first?

Men, just close your eyes and Pause!

What use was a tie, around a neck that needed to breathe, on a journey of a hundred miles?



About menjustpause

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One response to “Steady Tie

  1. ‘The simple recall of a fragrance so eminent in a moving room full of stills!’ My best line… Keep it up yoh!

    Liked by 1 person

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