Come Hear My Unspoken

Come hear me, as I stride down an empty street.

Booted feet, stretch out, one at a time!

Knuckles pressed on the other hand’s palm.

Cold days were here, so was loneliness of a lone traveler.

Alphas lead from the back, solitarily, No pack here sadly.

Excluding the park of course, meters away, drenched in the night light.

Like a ball of willow, the darkness grasps, evidently shuddering allover.

Receding images of an empty dark home, the way I left it.

When everything went, I fell in love with loving to love alone.

Screaming, in a world full of screams isn’t worth the effort.

Blowing warmth in-between my cold succumbing hands,

Fully having perception of freshly cut wounds, a day’s old!

Pitting the softness of my wrists’ skin, no one deserves this.

Not the pain, the visible scars that can’t be seen.

The wounds of battles I’ll soon forget, to forget.

Constant reminders, that darkness is a misunderstood beauty.

Right minds can perceive; it’s the left minds that connect with it.

Holding onto sanity at a reasonable distance in between the minds, now that’s skill!

Skills inapplicable to a brightened society, darkened.

But life, it’s yours because you can handle it your way,

No one ever said how your way should be!

Do I have to spell it out for you to hear me?

Or scream before life moves so fast, I miss the moment.

Moments unfrequented, by the majority,

Chilly breeze engulfs the thick foggy air around, ready to swallow.

Bravely, as the boots make their way towards an unfamiliar bulky and grave gate.

Farraginous rustiness dented the blue musky gate.

I should have brought the stainless steel knife, sitting at edge of the bathroom sink.

You think to yourself.

Where it all happens, every morning, each night, dripping with emotions,

Bloody floors, trickling through the drain pipes!

Yes, I should have, to drive it silently into a beating heart that went astray,

To lead others into tempt, Not for self-defense!

He wouldn’t feel the piercing intensity, as it cut through flesh; I never do down my wrists.

Answers I’ll find, that I sought out for tonight.

It meant walking the distance, commitment to a cause.

Men do it for the smallest reasons, I have a big one.

For you to hear my every word unspoken, to feel my every feeling unfelt,

For you to only see me.

Relativity of the term hears me, through the distance width of my mind.

Steps, of booted heavier feet, enclosing

Shadows formed, enlarging as the musky gate slowly opens,

Heaviness of the pat on the back is unmistakable; heart races miles an hour,

Stiffened by the pat, your body freezes cold, jumping briskly to coax my eyes to the persona,

But men…just pause!

It’s your own self! Looking back in a mirror!

“Don’t lose yourself!” were his words.




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