Doctor Said No

No one ever remembers, well, seldom anyway,

The trying times, the misguided shots at random instabilities.

Until her hand, is on your shoulder,

Her leg slowly parting, slowly moving, sitting on you

Riding, they called it!

The sensual lips, the back to back instants!

Throbbing heart beats, but doctor said something.

Doctor said, no more vigorous exercises, didn’t quite understand that.

Why? Because 10 years down the gutter,

Still paying the government, banks on your neck, literally!

Least you forget the mortgage, as she slowly unbuttons.

The three piece suits, how did this happen?

Vibrancy was a state of mind back then, just an illusion of state at the moment.

4 bed-roomed house, sure!

A car that can’t keep up with the neighborhood’s sophistication’s,

Nagging wife stuck and build with, beautiful as years go on.

Wine perhaps? But doctor said, no more.

Vehemently stuck with an inviting mouth-watering wine that you can’t touch,

But doctor said, no,

Routine mornings allow the distant thought to be brushed off,

But this was three o’clock; simmering afternoon heat didn’t make matters any easier.

Streaks of sweat make their way down your pulsating jugular,

Who would know? Just as fine wine loves being drunk, she was too fine to the last taste bud.

Years of blinded eyes, no wonder the keenness on patterns of sounds.

Freshly done hair, soaking in scents of her fragrance,

Regretting the instabilities, reckoning the days you’d see the bottom of a bottle,

All in the name of broken sticks and hearts, the unstable you learnt to call them.

Except the one, one who robbed you off your feet into dropping a ring?

Down the length of her forth finger.

But not today, she didn’t mind; neither did you,

Today was a hearty day, only the location was in mind,

Doctor wasn’t there, yet forbidden fruits,

Wine was to slide down your incoherent throat, reminding you of waves,

Waves that set the instants in motion, far away from her,

She’d find out, the moment she took a swing at the door!

Her lips move in, aware of the drift in your eyes, on the hope of driving you in,

In the exact moment, your hands made their way down her womanly curves.

First times, unforgettable!

Lips tremble on the brush against hers, the gush of rushing blood!

 like two stars on a collision course without fearing the impact explosion,

Men need a place; women just need a reason,

And today was a reason, unanimously agreed upon,

Freighting times, hardly last, you believe.

In spurring of moments, a light knock is followed by a fast swing of the door!

Men…just pause!

Just at the touch of back her zip liners, going all the way down her peplum short briskly black dress, opening fine wine they said,

She runs in, fumes of desire casually go unnoticed, as she bursts out with pride,

“Daddy! Mummy! I’m playing Cinderella!”



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