His Sister

Everyone thought he had it, everything everyone ever wanted.

Blessed beyond, a life full of perfection.

But only he knew of his crumbling world, piece by piece.

His father was but a business mogul, a self-proclaimed self-made.

The mother, standing audaciously courts, human rights activist, the force to reckon with.

Life made sure he was the only child, as spoilt as they came, they all thought.

Yet in their perfect house full of dark corners, the demons resided, lurking, waiting, thriving in the shadows.

The sister, no more, couldn’t fight any longer, she had to go to a better place were her words.

Words that were scribbled deep in her arms.

A father engulfed in rage, and violence towards his better or worse.

Spending her nights, drowning sorrows, and alcohol.

Their father eager to teach life lessons if mouths were opened to the public.

He too indulged, in his mother’s quest.

And he sat there that evening, waking up from a life-crippling “coma”.

He needed to know what he lived for, what gave him the renewed hope of life.

The sunset came early, he tears made a final sunset down his face.

It was his time, to save himself.

His sister’s smile flashed before his clogged eyes, ready to remind him of what she’s to give him now.

A chance to live right, a choice to build well, a change that would start with him.


She’s Ready, Again.

She wants, to build her wings again, and again.

The tailored-soft touches running on her bare skin, again.

A vibrant heart it was, yearning to be held, again.

She didn’t mind it took her long, her patience paid off, again.

What mattered was her time came, to stretch out her wings, again.

Her soul burnt in its own fire, calmed down by his mere presence, again.

The masterpiece of creations was their ultimate desire, again.

He took his time, in every muscle, with every feather, to get her ready, again.

A stare so deep, it held them steady, each breath came with courage to fly, again.

Goosebumps replaced her maiden skin; she’ll no longer be alone, again.

A heart that need a key, but she wasn’t ready to search, again.

Little not knowing that he saw it, she was the key, again.

Not to unlock another’s heart, but to unlock her true nature, again.

Releasing a much waited upon energy, feeding the earth with rains, again.

Eyes filled water, to rain down her face, again.

They awakened their minds’ desires, yet she needed to see it on her own first, again.

Tired of running, she was tired of holding onto deadweight, again and again.

Their lips locked, she released herself from her misery, again.

She won, in the darkness, again.

Getting there at the exact moment was perfect, she reminded herself, again.

His hand slid down her waist, grabbing onto her, again.

A moment’s worth of feeling, cherished now, and again.

Her wings spread across the distance, eager to scurry the skies yet again.

Far more than yearning of his lips, his love, the urge to fly with him rose, again.

Against all odds!

Against all wars!

Against all breaking points!

Against all her past!

Her future was right there with them, ready to be nurtured, ready to be flown with them.

She was ready to step off the mountain, and fly, again!

broken wings

Young Man, I’m Just Like You

Dear Young Man,

Let’s get something straight first. I’m not a role model yet, neither am I a mentor, but I can give you something worth thinking over for a minute that will juggle up your mental acuity.

I never had a mentor at an earlier stage, sadly. Yet as man, we need one, as much as our counterparts’ need. So nobody told me why it was wrong to steal exams. No one told me why it was wrong to watch pornography. Heck, no one told me why it was wrong to cheat in a relationship. No one taught me why it was important to treat others right. No one believed I needed the guidance to put on a tie at specific functions, well because society needed that. No one told me why it was wrong to lie. Nobody taught me why I had to pull my pants up. No one took their time to ask me why I was doing the things I was doing. Nobody took their time to talk sense into me through their actions and not words.

A lot of focus has been shifted to the women over the past few decades, but don’t forget that meant a whole generation of young men was left on the side lines, to fend for themselves. So young man, believe it when I say I’ve been through the struggles. It has been real. It has been tough. It gets tougher each day being a young man in the streets. Everyone predisposed of how a young man should and shouldn’t carry himself. Everyone predisposed of how a young man should treat a woman. But no one out there to personally teach us why.

Truth of the matter is young men need to be nurtured. They need to be called to action. To be taught the importance of engaging in positive attributes. Young men need somebody somewhere with conviction to light up their candles as they themselves struggle to do it on their own. We don’t need to be seeing how older men park their big cars in-front of younger women’s bedsitter. Because 10 years from now, the same lady would be a wife to the same young man who’ll believe in what he saw and carry it out as well. We don’t need to be seeing how older men embezzle funds and make fortunes only to be called business moguls and heroes. Because 10 years from now, they will be doing the exact same thing they saw.

So young man, I tell you this for free. Go out there, read as many books as you can. Knowledge broadens your mind, and empties you of ignorance. Take part in empowerment forums for your growth, even it includes the weekends. Don’t worry about it cutting your social life; have it in small quantities with the right people. Save as much as you can, and invest as much as you can sacrifice. Don’t worry; you’ll drink later on your backyard gazebo in your own compound with your own mansion. Invest in real conversations to boost your ability to hold a real relationship intact. 10 years from now, your wife will be praising you to your daughter and motivating your son to be like you. Look for work that you love and love what you do, and it will never feel like work. If not, be an entrepreneur. Go out there and find solutions to society’s problems, make them work. And if you succeed, don’t forget to give back to the same society. If it doesn’t, try and try again till it does. If one way doesn’t work, try another better way to achieve the same goal.

What I believed in was accepting responsibility for any given action, so young man if you ever run into trouble, take responsibility. Ask for forgiveness and be better. If someone wrongs you, trust me, there is no joy in living with a grudge. Forgive quickly, move on and be careful. Dress diligently and leave people wondering why they hadn’t noticed you in the first place. Never loosen up your morals and work ethics because of a raw deal just to make more money, a better one will come the right way and you’ll end up wealthier. Wake up early just to plan your day, week. And above all, always pray when you wake up. Never leave God out of anything that you do.

Yes you may be going through a hard time, but people have hard it worse and harder. So keep your head up, keep on keeping. You think you have demons in your life, people have the devil himself! But they don’t beat themselves down. They get up; they continue fighting the good fight.

I don’t know much young man, because I’m just like you, but I’ve experienced enough, learnt enough to tell you this; IT TAKES TIME, PERSISTENCE, HARD WORK, and SMART WORK AND PATIENCE TO MAKE IT WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.


Fellow Young Man.


Missing The Moments

I want to miss the nights that turned into day.

I want to miss the words that turned into songs.

I want to miss the cries that turned into laughter.

I want to miss the eyes that turned red.

I want to miss the ones that turned cruel.

I want to miss the sunrise that turned into sunset.

I want to miss seeing the mandarin that turned away from its path to a better pond.

I want to miss, every result of any action.

I want to miss all that, but never the in-between.

Let me not miss the magic that happens between the moments, please!

Let me not miss the majestic walk of a Mandarin down its path, please!

Let me not miss the breathtaking magic that happens in a day, in-between the sunrises and sunsets, please!

Let me not miss the precious moments of failing to understand how cruelty comes into being, please!

Let me not miss the beauty of starry eyes, underneath painful tears, please!

Let me not miss the magic of heavy hearts being brightened up to be as velvety as a white rose, please!

Let me not miss the long nights that signify the birth origin of the greatest songs to ever play in the hearts of men and women, please!

Let me not miss the amazing nights that give way to clear brighter days, please!

Let me have a grateful heart, please!

missing the moments

To My Friend

An open letter to my dear friend who wants to commit suicide.

Hallo human,

They say it’s courteous to introduce yourself. But I’m guessing in this instance it’s not necessary because we have interacted in some way, which is why i am penning this in the first place.

Pardon me, but i will probably apologize, too much.

I’m sorry i have not been there for you. At times i just get caught up, you know, in my own my battles i forget you need me.

I’m sorry my phone is off and your calls go unanswered, most times when you need me.

I would lie and say i was asleep, but maybe i was just getting love or wasted. Or I just didn’t want to talk to anyone.

You might want to ask me why I didn’t call back, so please don’t! As saying i forgot will suck!

I ‘m sorry you want out.

I ‘m sorry life is just cruel and you can’t deal.

Trust me; i know what that is like.

Sorry your partner abuses you!

Sorry your partner cheated!

Sorry you do everything for them but they keep taking you for granted.

Sorry no one likes you.

Sorry your friends never see you.

Sorry I suck and keep forgetting about you.

I ‘m SORRY for everything, I really am.

But then again, I know you can put that razor down!

You can flush, all pills or whatever poison fancies you want to ingest, down the toilet.

Not many people can go through what you have.

I applaud you honey. And most of all, we have a come a long way, TOGETHER.

Both you and me. . . . So please don’t leave me? I know i am not your best friend or friend. You have neither!

I know i am just one of these inked girls on the Internet, but i actually get your pain.

You know i do.

So please stay with me . . . Don’t do it.

Nothing lasts forever! And so your pain will vanish.


With love,

Your Dear Friend.sad-crying


Frail Heart

My eyes stare into the horizon, quick to understand what life is not.

The sound of my frail heart, beating, to assure me of a life being lived,

Against the rushing winds, going nowhere fast!

I have my journey to live out, every step to step on.

No one wants to be ripples in a dying out pond, especially my heart.

It wants to live, a fulfilling life full of smiles and laugher.

A life full of purpose, and bittersweet execution of ideas well thought of.

Those shivering moments, of standing against the wind, is what life is about.

Those shivering moments, of gathering enough thresholds, is what life is about.

I want to take off, even when I stand in these gashing winds.

Get enough thresholds to get to the ever-ending skies.

My direction will be dealt with, once in the skies.

That yearns, to be oblivious of anything around you.

A need to soar the limitless skies, unbound by hate or love!

Nothing but the sound of my frail heart pushing me to go higher, faster!

I’m not sick, but sickness is my disease.

Sickness of always flying better, remembering to forget I was but a helpless child.

Knowing nothing but living life, now it’s just a matter of the moments that take my breath.

For the long days, and nights, I wait silently as the winds blow.

Silently watching the horizon, listening closely to the cries of my heart,

In another life, I would have been in the air force, or a pilot,

But this is it, this is my life, I will be just me.

Not letting my life be what it would be, but!

Let me take a role, together with the universe far in the horizon, to shape what is mine.

Tempting fate to play my cards right, because my frail heart knows there are no right cards.

For now, I just have a frail heart, beating, assuring me of a life that will be well lived.broken heart


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