Young Man, I’m Just Like You

Dear Young Man,

Let’s get something straight first. I’m not a role model yet, neither am I a mentor, but I can give you something worth thinking over for a minute that will juggle up your mental acuity.

I never had a mentor at an earlier stage, sadly. Yet as man, we need one, as much as our counterparts’ need. So nobody told me why it was wrong to steal exams. No one told me why it was wrong to watch pornography. Heck, no one told me why it was wrong to cheat in a relationship. No one taught me why it was important to treat others right. No one believed I needed the guidance to put on a tie at specific functions, well because society needed that. No one told me why it was wrong to lie. Nobody taught me why I had to pull my pants up. No one took their time to ask me why I was doing the things I was doing. Nobody took their time to talk sense into me through their actions and not words.

A lot of focus has been shifted to the women over the past few decades, but don’t forget that meant a whole generation of young men was left on the side lines, to fend for themselves. So young man, believe it when I say I’ve been through the struggles. It has been real. It has been tough. It gets tougher each day being a young man in the streets. Everyone predisposed of how a young man should and shouldn’t carry himself. Everyone predisposed of how a young man should treat a woman. But no one out there to personally teach us why.

Truth of the matter is young men need to be nurtured. They need to be called to action. To be taught the importance of engaging in positive attributes. Young men need somebody somewhere with conviction to light up their candles as they themselves struggle to do it on their own. We don’t need to be seeing how older men park their big cars in-front of younger women’s bedsitter. Because 10 years from now, the same lady would be a wife to the same young man who’ll believe in what he saw and carry it out as well. We don’t need to be seeing how older men embezzle funds and make fortunes only to be called business moguls and heroes. Because 10 years from now, they will be doing the exact same thing they saw.

So young man, I tell you this for free. Go out there, read as many books as you can. Knowledge broadens your mind, and empties you of ignorance. Take part in empowerment forums for your growth, even it includes the weekends. Don’t worry about it cutting your social life; have it in small quantities with the right people. Save as much as you can, and invest as much as you can sacrifice. Don’t worry; you’ll drink later on your backyard gazebo in your own compound with your own mansion. Invest in real conversations to boost your ability to hold a real relationship intact. 10 years from now, your wife will be praising you to your daughter and motivating your son to be like you. Look for work that you love and love what you do, and it will never feel like work. If not, be an entrepreneur. Go out there and find solutions to society’s problems, make them work. And if you succeed, don’t forget to give back to the same society. If it doesn’t, try and try again till it does. If one way doesn’t work, try another better way to achieve the same goal.

What I believed in was accepting responsibility for any given action, so young man if you ever run into trouble, take responsibility. Ask for forgiveness and be better. If someone wrongs you, trust me, there is no joy in living with a grudge. Forgive quickly, move on and be careful. Dress diligently and leave people wondering why they hadn’t noticed you in the first place. Never loosen up your morals and work ethics because of a raw deal just to make more money, a better one will come the right way and you’ll end up wealthier. Wake up early just to plan your day, week. And above all, always pray when you wake up. Never leave God out of anything that you do.

Yes you may be going through a hard time, but people have hard it worse and harder. So keep your head up, keep on keeping. You think you have demons in your life, people have the devil himself! But they don’t beat themselves down. They get up; they continue fighting the good fight.

I don’t know much young man, because I’m just like you, but I’ve experienced enough, learnt enough to tell you this; IT TAKES TIME, PERSISTENCE, HARD WORK, and SMART WORK AND PATIENCE TO MAKE IT WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.


Fellow Young Man.



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