His Sister

Everyone thought he had it, everything everyone ever wanted.

Blessed beyond, a life full of perfection.

But only he knew of his crumbling world, piece by piece.

His father was but a business mogul, a self-proclaimed self-made.

The mother, standing audaciously courts, human rights activist, the force to reckon with.

Life made sure he was the only child, as spoilt as they came, they all thought.

Yet in their perfect house full of dark corners, the demons resided, lurking, waiting, thriving in the shadows.

The sister, no more, couldn’t fight any longer, she had to go to a better place were her words.

Words that were scribbled deep in her arms.

A father engulfed in rage, and violence towards his better or worse.

Spending her nights, drowning sorrows, and alcohol.

Their father eager to teach life lessons if mouths were opened to the public.

He too indulged, in his mother’s quest.

And he sat there that evening, waking up from a life-crippling “coma”.

He needed to know what he lived for, what gave him the renewed hope of life.

The sunset came early, he tears made a final sunset down his face.

It was his time, to save himself.

His sister’s smile flashed before his clogged eyes, ready to remind him of what she’s to give him now.

A chance to live right, a choice to build well, a change that would start with him.



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