I Wonder

If time is endless; I wonder why we have deadlines.

If love is priceless; I wonder why it needs more than body and soul.

I wonder why the worst things happen before the best.

I wonder why it is a bleak world to bravest at heart.

If life was simple, the bravest would have a bright future without darkness in the present.

If time is endless; I wonder how the last clock will tick.

If love is priceless; I wonder how it touches the poor and rich together.

I wonder how two souls become one.

I wonder how love is measured.

Life is simple; everyone loves someone who loves someone who hates someone.

If love is describable; I wonder how you would explain the smell of rain or the feeling of forever.

I wonder how you could hold onto forever with a single moment of love.

I wonder how a broken heart could be brave enough to love, again.

If the heart truly breaks, I wonder why someone would be willing to mend it for you.

If life was simple, one would give their heart endless time, to heal.

Because they’d heal the one they are holding onto in their hand.

I wonder how fairy tales bring life to dreams.

I wonder where our dreams collide with our realities.

I wonder what would be satisfactory in the long run;

Loving someone forever…


Loving them every single day of forever…

Either way, I’ll always wonder…



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